Daily Bulletin

Each morning a daily bulletin is read before the Pledge of Allegiance. It includes what you see below, as well as a different Words of Wisdom for each day. We cannot display the Words of Wisdom because of copyright.


“A Bridge to Success for Every Student”

Good Morning Haller Middle School.
Today is Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

It’s here! It’s here! The last day of school is here! Let’s have fun at the talent show this morning and the enjoy a super fast trip through our daily schedule.

If you have personal items stored in the health room, please pick them up before you leave today. If you don't, they will be disposed of.

Your lunch menu today is:
Mini Corn Dogs, Doritos, Carroteenies, Applesauce cup

Happy Birthday today to:
Teeghan B., Brandon M., Alexandar SR., Thomas M., and Dimitri S.

Hawk Happenings:
Make sure you have everything at the end of the day, Hawks. Your locker contents and all of your belongings need to go home with you for the summer. We will see you again in a fast and furious 61 days...good luck to the class of 2021.


The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow.