Daily Bulletin

Each morning a daily bulletin is read before the Pledge of Allegiance. It includes what you see below, as well as a different Words of Wisdom for each day. We cannot display the Words of Wisdom because of copyright.


“A Bridge to Success for Every Student”

Good Morning Haller Middle School.
Today is Monday, June 18, 2018.

Well, it is here. Our last day of the school year. Man. It’s been a wild 180 day ride. Here is some great advice for your next 78 days away from school. Read. Everyday. All the time. Read. A book. A blog. A newspaper. A magazine. Read everyday. It is the one sure fire way to help you get better at school. And here at Haller, we all soar a little higher when everyone does just a little more everyday.

A reminder to next year’s ASB officers--if you haven’t already, swing by and see Ms. Christmas before you leave today.

Your lunch menu today is:
Corn Dog, Carotteenies, Doritos and a fruit cup

Happy Birthday today to:
Nicholas DP Also, a special bday shout out to Annie Bell F--we know you’ve been waiting a long time to hear your name on the announcements. Here it is.

Hawk Happenings:
It is talent show Monday, Hawks. Our last assembly of the year. Get ready to be amazed and delighted.

The choices you make today shape your world tomorrow.