June 2-11 - Yearbooks on sale

June 8 - 8th grade drive through celebration

June 11 - Last day of School (EARLY RELEASE)

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Haller Middle School is located in Arlington, Washington. Haller offers comfortable facilities, technology that facilitates student engagement, and a great faculty of ambitious teachers ready to give Haller students the best middle school experience. We believe in the success of all students and strive to serve every student, every hour, every day.

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Take the 2021 Family and Community Survey today!
Arlington Public Schools values your opinion and we are asking you to provide us with feedback about your impressions of the district and our schools. Below you will see a link to our 2021 Family and Community Survey. The survey will only take a few minutes to complete. If you have more than one child in our district, please complete a survey for each child.

Results from the 2021 Family and Community Survey will be used by schools in developing School Improvement Plans and to help schools and the district improve communications with families and community members.

In addition to our annual Family and Community Survey questions, we’re also asking questions about student needs resulting from school building closures and extended time in distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Answers from these questions will help us develop our Academic and Student Well-Being Plan to support students moving forward.

The survey will be available through June 4.


If you are still wanting to purchase a yearbook for the 20-21 school year, we will have one more opportunity. Yearbooks will be available for purchase from 6/2-6/11. The cost is $30, and it must be cash or check. Checks can be made out to Haller Middle School. We will not have online sales available during this time. Please bring exact change as we are unable to make change at the school. Parents or students can bring the payments for the yearbooks to the main office anytime during office hours, 7:30-3:00.


Our office is open from 7:30-3:00 Monday through Friday. 


6th graders return to on campus hybrid instruction starting Monday, March 8th.  7th and 8th graders return to on campus hybrid instruction starting  Monday, March 15th.
Students have been designated as part of the A schedule hybrid group (attend on campus Monday and Tuesday) or part of the B schedule hybrid group (attend on campus Wednesday and Thursday). 

Mr. Summers hosted an informational webinar on February 25th.  You can access a recording the webinar here.

You can find our Haller Hybrid Handbook here.

2021-2022 SCHOOL YEAR

As we prepare for the 2021-2022 school year, the following will be required:

1.  All students (every single one) will need to have a Health Concerns Form completed.  The form can be found here.  

2.  Student’s entering 7th grade need to have a TDAP immunization prior to the first day of school. 

3.  Student’s with known health conditions (Asthma, Diabetes, Life Threatening Allergies, Seizures, Heart conditions, etc.) MUST have a Health Care Plan completed and signed by their Health Care Provider, and parents, PRIOR to the first day of school. 


Registration will only be done online.  You will need to provide immunizations, birth certificate and proof of residence when registering your student.  You can find the link here.


Here are some video tutorials about student email:

Accessing School Email
Checking and Organizing Email
Sending Email


We use Safe Visitor as our check-in process.  Similar to all other schools in Arlington, we must scan your ID and print you a visitor pass to wear at the main office if you wish to enter the instructional area.  If you are on campus to pick up your student, please visit the main office so we can ensure custodial permissions exist prior to the student leaving campus.  To enter Haller Middle School, visitors and late entry students will have to press the button at the main entrance and speak to a staff member prior to being "buzzed in."  Late students must check in at the tardy kiosk in the main office prior to going to class.  Thank you for stopping into the main office with every visit, regardless of your purpose - we're always glad to see you and check you in!

We fully understand these changes may not be the most convenient for every visit you make, but the additional security it affords is crucial for helping us provide the safest campus possible for your student each day.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation with our campus security procedures.

If you plan on chaperoning a field trip, a dance, a Hootenanny, being a classroom volunteer, or being on campus for any extended time period, you will need to complete a background check every school year.  The background check can be done here.


The teachers and staff at Haller Middle School want to make sure our school is a safe and caring place for your child. As stated in the school board policies and procedures and in our family handbook, harassment, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated in our school. Our teachers and staff go through training at the beginning of the year to recognize the signs of harassment, intimidation and bullying and report such behavior accordingly.

If a student feels harassed or threatened in some way, they can make a complaint at the school. Informal reports may also be made to any staff member. Such complaints will be appropriately investigated and consistently handled. Students may also submit a report using the SafeSchools Alert incident reporting system that’s available on the front page of our school’s website.

Your child’s safety and wellbeing is a priority for us. We want them to thrive in a positive environment that promotes learning. Please call our main office if you have any questions.

hallER 2020-2021 HANDBOOK

Haller Handbook 2020-21

ATTENDANCE and homework requests

If you need to report an absence, please call the attendance line at (360) 618-6401. Homework also needs to be requested through the attendance line.    

If you are requesting homework for an absent student, we will be happy to accommodate you on the second full day that the student is absent.  All homework requests need to be made before 10:00 am on the second day through the attendance office.  Any requests received after that will be processed the following day.  Homework can be picked up in the main office after 3:00 pm.

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